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What can you expect from us?

You expect to receive from your trusted family doctor health advice that is totally objective and only concerned with your well being. You expect the same sort of service from your trusted family solicitor, if you have one, for your legal security.

It should be possible to gain the same objective advice from your financial adviser: that is, concerned only with your financial well being.

We at Roger W Williams Financial Planning endeavour to give that sort of advice.

We are proud that we try to serve our clients’ best interests at all times, and that we have the well-qualified expertise to provide that service. Roger Williams is one of only about 900 financial advisers in the UK with both Chartered and Certified Financial Planner qualifications.

How may we advise you?

  • You may have a need for a specific new financial arrangement, and you want to be advised on which arrangement is most appropriate and most cost effective. We will ensure you obtain the most suitable and best deal. We can advise on virtually every type of financial arrangement.
  • You may want a simple review of your existing financial arrangements that could result in significant savings, for example because you are paying too much for your mortgage or life insurance. Well-ordered finances can gain so much more with your money, and we can help you create that good order.
  • You may want to ensure your financial future, for example in retirement, is as sufficient and secure as it can be. You may want your ordinary and/or pension investments to be made in the most successful way to match your level of risk tolerance and then monitored and managed to achieve maximum growth. We can arrange this for you.
  • You may want to ensure that all your income and expenditure has the best possible balance between spending now, to enjoy life to the full, and saving for your future and for protection against any misfortune that could beset us all at any time. To ensure this balance, you may want to create a full financial plan for life, designed to deliver your selected lifestyle and future aims, and then be implemented, monitored and modified as appropriate over the subsequent years. We are very well equipped to provide that service.

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